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Ramon Van Lee Fletcher (Van) Award


Van was born in 1932. His father was an auto mechanic and always had work during the great depression until he was shot in the foot while hunting. Van, at 14, finished putting siding on their house with only his Dad to supervise. After that, he worked as a carpenter every summer. His high school counselor told him he was not college material so he joined the U.S. Navy for 4 years. He then went to college with Veteran’s benefits. He graduated from college with honors and then obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. Even after his navy years, he worked summers as a carpenter.


He was employed as a high school counselor, middle school counselor and business teacher, and School Psychologist (after more education) - always continuing carpentry work during summers. After retiring from education, he had his own business as a home inspector for buyers.


He was always interested in students with special needs. As a counselor and teacher, he was focused on skills all students would need as adults, whether college bound or going right into the work force. He was conscious of the “Angels” that had helped him all during his life (friends, relatives, teachers). One of his last wishes was to be an “angel” by helping others financially to meet their own personal goals.

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