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All graduating seniors and former graduates of high schools in Routt county and Moffat county , as well as residents who have lived here at least 5 years, of any age, are eligible to apply for a Yampa Tuition Grants grant each year the student is attending an accredited undergraduate, community college, vocational or trade school.  Grants are awarded to students based on demonstrated financial need and are grants, not loans. Grants are paid directly to the school the student attends, applied to the student’s net tuition, room and board cost.  Awards are for one school year only, and students need to reapply each year they wish to be considered, but can apply any year they are in an accredited undergraduate (or equivalent) program.  Every year we consider each applicant's current financial situation; whether or not the recipient has received an award in the past is not part of the criteria, so we encourage any eligible student with need to apply.

Key YTG Deadlines
  • 2023-24 Student Application:  Live February 1, 2023. 

  • Application Deadline:  May1, 2023

Key Student Information
  • YTG awards are completely needs-based.  

  • YTG application process is aligned to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which is heavily weighted on family income and economic eligibility to ensure that grants go to graduates with the greatest financial need.

  • Grants are based on a student’s net cost of tuition, room and board after factoring in all their school’s gift aid (merit- as well as needs-based aid), and other expected grants and scholarships from third party sources.  Student loans are NOT factored into net need, meaning we do not penalize students or their families for assuming debt to afford school.

  • All new applicants may be interviewed to ideally match the wishes of donors with established named awards to the interests, ambitions and accomplishments of grant recipients.

  • Unlike many aid programs, YTG is not for freshman year only. Local students are invited to apply for grants as long as they are enrolled in an accredited undergraduate, community college, vocational or trade school.

  • Application data, including the FAFSA report, will only be seen by three people on our selection committee to respect the confidential nature of the information.

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