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Here's what our 2023 recipients have to say:


"Thank you so much for the scholarship given to me. You guys have changed my life with this money. Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you guys do. I will now be able to go to college with less debt."

"This scholarship has made it entirely possible to go to college, specifically to pursue my music career. Without your scholarship, college was a reach, but now it is totally supported this year. It means the world to have this support of my community."


"This fall I will be completing my associate of science degree and then enrolling in the West River nursing program in Rapid City, SD next fall. Your support will help me tremendously in my new journey towards nursing!"

"I am currently enrolled in the Registered Nursing program starting this fall with Colorado Northwestern Community College as well as dual enrolled into University of Northern Colorado to receive my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. I work PRN at the hospital now to help support my small family, my husband and 2 kids, while attending college full time. I have started and taken many breaks while attending college as I had to work full time and do school at night. By awarding me this scholarship you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: learning. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be receiving this scholarship. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I am truly grateful for this grant and generous support. I can't wait to start my next chapter at SMU, and will always remember the supportive Steamboat donors who helped make my college journey possible."

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of continuing my education at Loyola. Your generosity with this scholarship has made a world of difference for my family and me."

"I am immensely grateful for the generous grant I have been given. Your help will have a tremendous impact on both my family and me. With the weight of financial constraints lifted, I can fully dedicate myself to expanding my knowledge, exploring new opportunities and developing as in individual. For this I am forever thankful! Your kindness is inspiring."

"Thank you so much for the scholarship. I am very excited to attend CU Denver for music, and I know this scholarship is an important part of making that happen."

"I am deeply appreciative of your support. I will graduate this year and begin my nursing journey in May 2024. By awarding me this grant, you have lightened my financial burden allowing me to focus on the critical aspect of school: learning."

"I cannot express my gratitude for the money you provided to me for college enough. You have helped my family substantially to pay for my education. Because of what you so generously gave me in your Yampa Tuition Grants scholarship, I am much closer to graduating college debt-free."

"I am truly grateful for this grant and the financial support it provides. I am now able to work less and focus more on finishing strong in my last year. Thank you for supporting me through my education."

"I am going back to Colorado Mountain College for my second year this fall. With the funds provided by Yampa Tuition Grants I will be able to finish my associate degree in Business!"

"Thank you for choosing me for a Yampa Tuition Grant. These funds will be instrumental for me to continue at Colorado State University. In order to successfully pursue my engineering degree, I need to minimize the stress coming from other areas of my life (such as worrying about how to pay for my college education) so that I can focus on learning."

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