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Create an Award

Here’s how to create your own Named Annual Award

YTG Named Awards can be funded annually or by endowment, and can be established in honor, name, or memory of an individual, group, organization, or business.

Establishing a New Named Annual Award
  • Tax-deductible donations, funded annually, with a minimum annual contribution of $2,000.

  • Minimum four-year commitment, although award can continue beyond four years as long as minimum annual funding continues.  Award is retired after funding stops.

Establishing a New Named Endowed Award
  • Tax-deductible donation(s) totaling $25,000 or more.

  • Award designed to last in perpetuity or for a period of time designated by the donor.

  • Yearly disbursements are calculated based on the current spending policy formula for endowments set by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation that accounts for the average fund balance for a period of time multiplied by 4.5%.  We would be happy to provide additional details on the endowment policy and will work with the donor to determine distribution intentions, including whether to build or reduce the award balance.

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